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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Lesson of the Bunny

The beauty of the morning scenery was making my exercise walk bearable—even wonderful. The health trail was near the campus of Epworth-by-the-Sea on St. Simons Island, Georgia, where I was part of the faculty of the 2008 Southeastern Writers Conference. The path winded its way through lush foliage and sun-streaked air. I was entertained by mockingbirds and blue jays and a hidden sprinkler system that came on when one least expected it. But, the very best part was the bunny.

On my first morning walk, the little, dark brown entity darted across my path, startling me until I realized I was not in danger. I watched as the underbrush enclosed the little fellow and trembled as he skittered away. I felt blessed, actually, to have witnessed such a rare thing, and as I hurried along on my walk, I was uplifted.

The next morning, before I even entered the health trail, I saw a brown smudge near the edge of the road, which I thought was a clump of Spanish moss. As I got closer, I realized that there were two large ears sticking out of the mass, and I snapped my camera capturing the bunny in his statue like pose. The flash sent him rushing into the forest, but again I felt wonderful for having been able to see such a thing.

By the third morning, I was certain that I would not be so lucky as to get a third look at the bunny, but I was wrong. I was about halfway through my course when I saw a slight movement in the foliage to my left. Looking over, I saw a little brown rabbit blending almost perfectly into the sunlight and shadow of the plants. I took many pictures, and he didn’t budge. Even when the sprinkler sprayed over us, we both stared at the other waiting for the other to move. I was the one to move first. I had to go to my next class, and he had more foraging to do, I suppose.

I was buoyed up by my encounters with the rabbit(s). I was grateful to be allowed to witness something so precious in a time when little blessings go unappreciated in my life all the time. The lesson of the bunny is—I must slow my life down and see what hops across my field of vision. It might just be a something that will raise my spirits and make my day and my life all the better.


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